What we do

Over a period of about 4 - 6 weeks, we will provide you with bespoke questions and activities to explore with your child to explore your child understanding and how they are coping with the bereavement. The answers will help tailor the next set of questions, activities and advice to help with the journey of grief . This can be done alone in privacy if they choose to. However, the hope is that they will sit with a parent or loved one to discuss each area. We are always on hand to offer support and guidance.

When a loved one dies, children react differently to adults. We know grieving is a process, and children need time and support.

By encouraging your child to ask questions about death and loss and answering them honestly, will help in the healing process.

If you don’t have the answers, be honest, explore what they understand and feel. We all grieve in different ways; there are no wrong answers.

How it works

We will ask you to complete the first pack, that will give us an understanding of who we are creating the book for. The pack will also allow us to gain an insight in to you and your lost loved one.

You will receive a pack for your child that will have been tailored to suit their age and ability.

You can begin the process in the comfort of your home, going at a pace you and your child feel comfortable with. We are always on hand to help guide and support you through the process, offering different techniques to encourage children to express themselves.

The process typically takes around 5 - 6 packs, over a 4 - 6 weeks period. However each child is different and it may take longer for some children to open up and respond, we always here to provide support.

Please encourage your child to be as creative as they can be; write, draw, stick, create, there is no wrong way.

The time spent exploring and converting feelings to creations will be a benefit to the healing process for all involved.

 We encourage children to use the words or images that make sense to them, this gives the opportunity to eliminate any misconceptions. 

Photos are an important part of your child's memory book and you are encouraged to send in as many as you can.

Once all the packs have been completed and returned the magic begins!

We will create your unique memory book in a quality finish.

The book will be around 24 pages long, finished to the highest standard.




Some images your child draws may appear graphic, and things they talk about may be distressing to hear. By working together this is an opportunity to eliminate any misconceptions they may have developed and therefore help you to heal.