Supporting Bereaved Children


What is Prints for Life?


We support bereaved children and young people with dealing with the journey of loss. We offer a remote tailored therapeutic service run over several weeks to help encourage your child to express their thoughts and feelings about their loss. The service will also produce a visual memory aid that will last a lifetime.

You will receive a book that captures all the photos, prints, words and emotions that have been shared with us, this book can be kept for life. It will help them remember their loved one and to help them process the different stages of grief that they will feel for years to come.

We will take you on a therapeutic journey that has been tailored to help bring comfort and to cherish those precious memories.


It's important to remember that our focus is to help your child express their thoughts and feelings. We know through experience that no child grieves in the same way.  We encourage them to use the words and express their feelings that help make sense of their loss. 

Creativity is the key, using words, drawings or pictures, this will help your child to process what has happened.


When a loved one dies, children react differently to adults. We know grieving is a  process and children need time and support.

To hear your child express their feelings around grief can be an emotional time. However, the connection made can help a family heal together.


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Beth Amison -  "Thank you so much for our book. It's amazing. From start to finish the whole process has been a lovely experience. 
Sally allowed us to go at our own pace and was always on hand for support.
My children have read our book every day since we got it, it's helping them process having a brother in heaven x


Shelley Fallows - “We discovered Zara had some misconceptions about how he died, and have now been able to put them right".

"The questions allowed us to talk and explore Zara's thoughts and feelings, which has been a type of counselling for her"